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CSO  multiple= 7 December 2010
On the 23rd November, the Upper Tribunal (Adminstrative Appeals Chamber) decided that water and sewerage companies in England and Wales were not subject to Environmental Information Regulations.  Fish Legal has sent a communication to the Aarhus Compliance Committee in Geneva and is awaiting a decision on our own parallel appeal to the Tribunal.   More...

Dead eels 16 November 2010
Fish Legal is acting for the Pride of Derby Angling Association whose fishing is threatened by two hydro-schemes on the River Trent at Sawley and Gunthorpe.  The Environment Agency granted licences to the Small Hydro Company, working for British Waterways, which allow up to 100 fish - including eels - to be killed at each of the two sites in any 24 hour period.  More...

torgoch 9 November 2010
Environment Agency Wales has released arctic charr raised from eggs harvested from fish in the Llyn Padarn into Llyn Crafnant in an attempt to ensure the survival of the the genetically distinct charr found in the Llyn Padarn whose habitat is under threat from phosphate enrichment. More...

CSO multiple= 27 October 2010
Fish Legal attend the ICO Tribunal hearing in London on 27th and 28th October 2010.
The current case involves a company known as SmartSource which had challenged the Information Commissioner's Decision that water companies do not carry our functions of public adminstration or that they are not under the control of a public body. The water  utilities argued that they were commercial companies which were not subject to information law requirements - which cuts to the heart of accessibilty of information and the UK's obligations under the Aarhus convention on access to justice. Fish Legal has made a parallel challenge but its appeal will be heard once a judgment has been given in the Smartsource case.

To read more BBC blog...

Paper files 22 October 2010
Information Commissioner orders Environment Agency to release pollution records on the River Test. Fish Legal has welcomed the recent order from the Information Commissioner for the Environment Agency (EA) to release pollution records and monitoring data for the River Test. The EA had repeatedly refused to provide the information on the grounds that supplying it would be ‘manifestly unreasonable’ More...

Toddbrook Reservoir 20 September 2010
Fish Legal solicitors have stepped in and successfully brokered a deal between British Waterways and the Moss Side Social Angling Society to save specimen fish in the Toddbrook Reservoir and to restock on a like-for-like basis all medium-sized fish removed from the waters as the reservoir is drained to carry out essential maintenance work.  More...

Lagan Canal  Project19 August 2010
Fish Legal lawyers have written to the Director General for the Environment in Brussels to request that the European Commission considers infraction proceedings against the UK government in northern Ireland for breaches of environmental legislation under plans to reopen the River Lagan for canal navigation which would have a devastating effect on recovering salmon and trout populations.   More...

Yorkshire  Water Wharfe Pollution 03 August 2010 

Yorkshire Water has paid over £20,000 in compensation to two Yorkshire fishing clubs following a series of sewage pollutions in 2006. 
Poorly-treated trade effluent was released from the Tadcaster sewage treatment works into the River Wharfe near Ulleskelf causing the death of thousands of fish including eels, roach, perch, chub, dace, pike, barbel, bream, carp and flounder.  More...

River Lagan pollution 29 July 2010

Fish Legal has begun court proceedings against Central Chemicals Supplies Ltd on behalf of one of its members in Northern Ireland
- the Iveagh Angling Club - following the pollution of the River Lagan in 2006. More...

Dead Pike 08 July 2010

Severn Trent and British Waterways Disregard Anglers over Shropshire Union and Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Pollution. 
Fears of a back-room deal have mounted as Severn Trent Water and British Waterways have engaged in negotiations over the sewage pollution of the Shropshire Union and Staffordshire & Worcestershire canals which killed thousands of fish in April 2009More...

Tiny Lagan Canal  01 July 2010

Northern Ireland Government warned over unlawful canal development on the River Lagan. 
Government Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL), Nelson McCausland, has been warned by Fish Legal that the Northern Ireland Executive faces legal action for its unlawful developmnet of the Lagan Canal.   More...

Tiny photo sewage  30 June 2010

Fish Legal was pleased to see persistent polluter - United Utilities - prosecuted
for another failure at one of its pumping stations in Chorley.  The utility was fined £12,000 with costs of £1,944 for polluting the River Douglas with raw sewage in July 2009.

In two separate incidents in March 2005 raw sewage was allowed to spew from a manhole cover, into a feeder stream leading into the Common Bank Lodge.  The two spillages were attributed to failures at the Lydd Grove Sewage Pumping Station in Chorley and Fish Legal took action on behalf of its member, the Common Bank Angling Club.  UU eventually agreed to pay £4,000 to the club to compensate them for their loss.   It appears that little has changed in the standard of this Utilities maintenance regime.   To find out about Fish Legal's battle with the water companies over environmental information click HERE

Tiny Sea Angling 28 June 2010

Fish Legal is appealing for any member sea anglers affected by the ESSO oil leak
into Southampton Water from a pipeline at their terminal in Fawley on Sunday evening to get in touch.

Just under 3,200 litres of vacuum gas oil is thought to have escaped from a ship whilst it was unloading.  Esso shut down the pipeline and deployed to contain booms to contain the spill, with a particular focus on protecting the Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve.   Approximately 2 miles of beach was closed during the clean-up operation and would have prevented fishing both on-shore and from boats in the immediate area. 

Tiny bag of fish  28 June 2010

Polluters to talk to anglers before deal is done under new Civil Sanctions regime
.  After a long campaign, Fish Legal has welcomed the Environment Agency’s announcement that anglers will be involved before deals are done with polluters.  More...

Fish Legal logo  22 June 2010

Fish Legal lawyers will be attending the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association UKELA
annual conference which is being held in Exeter on 25th-27th June 2010.  Head Solicitor at Fish Legal, Dr Justin Neal, will be giving a presentation to the Water Working Party highlighting various issues that directly affect our members including environmental permitting and enforcement, enforcement undertakings available under the new civil sanctions regime, the determination of consents following the deemed consents appeal and access to environmental information. 

Dam Wall  02 June 2010

Fish Legal has welcomed the decision by DEFRA that it will consult further with Fish Legal and the Angling Trust following the removal of sections of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010
which, if left in its original drafted form, would overnight have exposed angling clubs and syndicates leasing fishing on reservoirs over 10.000m3 to the cost of maintenance, structural repairs and ensuring the overall integrity of the reservoir.  More...

Tiny Llugwy  21 May 2010

Fish Legal questions why a Water Company can apparently pollute the River Llygwy with sewage and escape prosecution.More...

Tiny Llyn Padarn  21 May 2010
Fish Legal lawyers, representing the Angling Trust, along with WWF, met with DG/Commission in Brussels on the 21st May to discuss the UK's River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) which were sbumitted to the Commission for consideration at the end of December 2009.

The Angling Trust - along with WWF - is applying for Judicial Review of the UK's plans which they feel are both lackingin ambition and fail to implement the spirit and purpose of the Water Framework Directive whic is to protect and improve freshwater and estuarine environments.

Tiny  Cych  30 April 2010 
Thousands of fish have been reported killed
in a serious slurry pollution incident on a tributary of the River Teifi, a prime sea trout river in West Wales.  Fish Legal is investigating and will seek to take legal action against the farmer responsible.  More...

Tiny CSO 09 April 2010
Fish Legal, the legal arm of the Angling Trust, has reacted with dismay
to the news that six water companies have won their appeal against the decision of Environment Agency (EA) to provide proper regulation for the thousands of unregulated Combined Sewage Overflows (CSOs) in England and Wales.  More...

Tiny Sea Lice  14 January 2010
Loch Awe
- This case relates to the mass escape of rainbow trout from rainbow trout farms on the Awe causing disruption to the wild brown trout and salmon fishing on the Awe system. Fish Legal acts on behalf of the Argyll DSFB and the Loch Awe Improvement Association. There have already been three escapes this year alone. Fish Legal will be ratcheting up the pressure on new owners of the fishfarm operations on Loch Awe and Loch Etive, Dawnfresh. 

Fish Legal requested the results of formal enforcement and inspection visits carried out by Marine Scotland on two of its fish farms and was subsequently forced to refer the refusal of Marine Scotland to divulge those reports to the Scottish Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner issued a formal Decision against Marine Scotland for their failure to disclose the requested documents. The decision can be viewed HERE

Tiny Cows 08 January 2010
Fish Legal has settled a case against a farmer whose escaped cattled caused damage to a weir
at the Trull's Hatch fishery, belonging to Bromley (Kent) & District Angling Society.  The farmer agreed to pay for the cost of the necessary repairs.

tiny  mayfly photo 01 January 2010
Fish Legal forces open the filing cabinets of Government pesticide licensing body
. In a ground-breaking Decision, over three years in the making, the Information Commissioner has overwhelmingly endorsed Fish Legal’s case that hitherto secret and redacted Environmental Risk Assessments of pyrethroid sheep dip must be disclosed in full. More...


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