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River Wenning, North Yorkshire - Rainbow Trout Escapees

Wenning Rainbow Escapees

On the River Wenning, the Bentham Angling Association received £10,000 in compensation for repeated escapes of rainbow trout from a particular rainbow trout farm.  

Escaped farmed fish compete with native species in the river for resources and also carry with them an increased risk of disease.

Fish Legal (as the ACA) was able to issue proceedings and secure an agreement in the form of a Court Order which forced the farmer to pay damages to the club for past escapes, but more importantly to allow immediate access to Fish Legal experts should further rainbow trout appear in the River Wenning at any time over the next ten years, and should this occur, to pay for the removal of any escaped fish.

Unfortunately, further rainbow trout did appear in the Wenning after the case was settled.  Fish Legal sent in its expert to the farm concerned and engaged consultants to further electro-fish the river to remove more rainbow trout.  The cost of all of this was met by the farmer.  The continued threat of legal action and the prospect of paying out compensation to the affected club has been a strong incentive for the fish farmer to carry out the construction work necessary to make sure that no further escapes of rainbow trout occur.

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