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Detton Mill, Shropshire - Siltation from Construction Works

Siltation Detton Mill

Fish Legal (as the ACA) received damages of £1,000 from Shropshire County Council on behalf of its member club, the White Swan Piscatorials, following the settlement of the club’s claim for statutory compensation for damage done to its fishery.

The Council failed to ensure all measures were undertaken to protect the river when they commenced work on a bridge and road spanning the River Rea.

Silt entering a river from construction works can cause shallowing of the river bed, changes to flow and consequential fish mortalities.  In the worst cases fish migration can be affected and there may be changes to the character of a river.  Although in this case the effects were not as long lasting, the Detton Mill case should remind councils that Fish Legal will use both the common law and the statutory avenues of compensation to ensure that rivers are protected and returned to their natural state.

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