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River Derwent, Derbyshire - Silt and Mining Waste Pollution

Stoke Brook Derwent pollution

Fish Legal settled a legal action on behalf of the Waltonian Angling Club after their stretch of the River Derwent in the Peak District was engulfed by tonnes of quarry 'tailings'.

In January 2007, a settlement lagoon owned by Glebe Mines burst, discharging volumes of sediment into the Derwent via one of its tributaries - the Stoke Brook.  The sediment was contaminated with mine tailings - fine waste material - which included arsenic, cadmium, lead and other metals.  Spawning gravels were smothered in silt and wading was impossible in the quicksand like conditions of the river bed.

Fish Legal worked on the case for four years and eventually issued proceedings against Glebe Mines.   Initial concerns that heavy metals in the tailings could be 'assimilated' through the food chain were proved correct by investigations carried out by an expert instructed by Fish Legal.

The heavy-metal laden sediment remained in the Stoke Brook and the Derwent until remedial works to remove it started 18 months after the main pollution.

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