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Angling club donates £10,000 to Fish Legal after court victory

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The Pride of Derby Angling Association has donated £10,000 to Fish Legal as a gesture of thanks following the legal association’s successful injunction in 2012 to stop a hydropower scheme going ahead on the River Trent at Sawley Weir near Nottingham.

If it had gone ahead, the scheme would have had a disastrous effect on the club’s fishing rights and potentially caused flooding in the area.

At the time, Fish Legal took a significant financial risk by paying the costs on behalf of its member club to fight the case against the Small Hydro Company Limited and British Waterways (now Canal & Rivers Trust) in the courts.

In a statement, Alan Miller, Secretary of the Pride of Derby Angling Association, said that the scheme would have been “wholly inappropriate”.

“The scheme would have had disastrous effects on the Pride of Derby’s fishing rights and also on the fishing rights upstream of the weir plus potentially causing flooding of the land in this area - all of which was judged acceptable by the Environment Agency, who had granted licences to divert water from the river and to raise the level of the weir for the purposes of the project.

“The scheme was successfully defeated by the Fish Legal team in the courts in Nottingham with an injunction. This was particularly significant given the wealth of the organisations we were against but Fish Legal took huge financial risks and paid all of the costs of fighting this case on our behalf.

“Without their help the hydro scheme would now be running with devastating effects on the fishing rights we have in this area, all to the detriment of angling and anglers.

“We were of course extremely grateful for this involvement by Fish Legal but at the time of this event we had financial constraints within our Association due to this issue and other points that had to be addressed within the organisation - so could not donate to the Angling Trust and Fish Legal (who work together in resisting harmful hydro schemes like this one) as we would have wished by way of thanking them for all the efforts on our behalf.

“The Pride of Derby are now in a much stronger position and as such have donated £10,000 towards future Fish Legal work in supporting anglers and angling. This sum in no way repays them for the work they did for us but hopefully can be taken as a gesture of thanks.”

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal, said: “We are very grateful indeed to the Pride of Derby Angling Association for this incredibly generous donation in recognition of the work that we did on their behalf on this case.

“Both the Angling Trust and Fish Legal are heavily dependent on donations and legacies in addition to the income we receive from membership subscriptions from individual anglers, clubs and fishery owners. Fish Legal took some very significant risks in order to win this case, which was only possible because of the fighting fund that it has accumulated from generous donations such as this over the past 68 years.”

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