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News headlines Jan 18 - Jan 19

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09.10.18  Payouts for two angling clubs as Fish Legal sends out clear message to polluting farmers

Farmers responsible for polluting the Wellow Brook in Somerset and Willow Pool in Cheshire have paid out over £35,000 in damages and costs in September following settlement of civil claims brought by Fish Legal.

Baits Bite Lock on the River Cam

10.09.18  Water company taken to court by Cambridge anglers over River Cam pollution

Fish Legal has started court proceedings against Anglian Water on behalf of its member the Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling Society following the pollution of the River Cam which killed numerous fish, particularly large bream, on a previously renowned match venue.

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05.09.18  Fish Legal wins important case against Scottish Water

Fish Legal has won an important victory against Scottish Water in a long running legal battle over a pollution incident in the River Devon in 2011.

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15.08.18  Anglers celebrate government decision not to subsidise tidal lagoons

Anglers in South Wales have welcomed the UK government’s decision not to provide financial support for the proposed tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay that would have risked serious harm to marine and migratory fish populations, and other aquatic wildlife.

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21.06.18  Council admits error and revokes planning permission for hydro scheme on River Trent

Newark and Sherwood District Council has admitted that it got the law wrong in granting planning permission for a hydropower scheme on the Trent without following European Rules on assessing impact on the environment and has agreed to revoke its decision, following receipt of a “pre-action” Judicial Review letter from Fish legal, a conservation organisation acting for its members the Collingham Angling Association.

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