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News headlines Apr 19

Netting - Baby bass in net - Credit David Curtis x550px

12.04.19  Fish Legal threatens judicial review over Cornwall IFCA’s failure to save undersized bass from commercial fishing nets

Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority has been threatened with judicial review following a decision not to introduce a new emergency byelaw which would have protected juvenile bass from commercial fishing nets.

6 June 2016 River Leadon pre pollution x500px

19.03.19  Compensation for Gloucester Angling Club after farm pollution killed tens of thousands of fish

Gloucester Angling Club has received £8,165 in compensation after pollution on the River Leadon killed tens of thousands of fish.

Baits Bite Lock on the River Cam

13.02.19  Anglian Water admits fish kill on River Cam after years of denial

Anglian Water has admitted it killed fish on the River Cam after years of denying that it was responsible following failures at its sewage treatment works at Milton in Cambridge.

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02.01.19  Scottish Parliament Committee recognises need for dedicated regulatory body to manage the impacts of aquaculture on wild fish

The key finding of Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee's report into salmon farming in Scotland is that the existing regulatory framework for aquaculture is not fit for purpose with regulation described as “confused” and “poorly co-ordinated”.

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09.10.18  Payouts for two angling clubs as Fish Legal sends out clear message to polluting farmers

Farmers responsible for polluting the Wellow Brook in Somerset and Willow Pool in Cheshire have paid out over £35,000 in damages and costs in September following settlement of civil claims brought by Fish Legal.

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