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Fish Legal concerns over beavers in Scotland


Tayside beaver mother and kit June 5, 2010 CREDIT Ray Scott x500px

CREDIT: Ray Scott

Fish Legal has responded to a Scottish Government consultation on their proposed policy to reintroduce European beavers into Scotland questioning whether appropriate mitigation measures have been identified.

The Scottish Government has commissioned two environmental reports, the latter of which concludes that “without mitigation, the reintroduction of beaver is likely to have a significant impact on salmon”.

Beaver dam building activity, which occurs where rivers are less than six metres wide, may close off the upper catchments of many rivers which contain much important spawning ground.

Fish Legal is also concerned that management measures such as removal of dams may be prohibitively expensive for many fisheries, and may even be illegal.

The policy puts at risk one of Scotland's most iconic and threatened species for a creature that has not been resident in Scotland for more than 500 years.

Contact: Fish Legal - Eastwood House | 6 Rainbow Street | Leominster | HR6 8DQ | Tel: 01568 620447

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