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South West Water to clean and repair sewer following repeated discharge into river Torridge


Fish Legal members, Torrington Commons Conservators, have welcomed steps taken by South West Water to clean, repair and re-line the entire route of a sewer which discharged repeatedly from two combined sewage overflows (CSOs) into the river Torridge in 2017.

The Conservators, however, remain concerned that town expansion plans still mean that the sewer will be seriously overloaded in the near future.

Fish Legal requested information from the water company (which they are legally obliged to release following the ruling in Fish Legal v Information Commissioners Office and Others [2015]) after finding that the records held by the Environment Agency did not accurately reflect the frequency of sewage spills from the CSOs as seen ‘on the ground’ by anglers.

Castle Gardens and the Rolle Road CSOs are on a list of problem outflows on which ‘event duration monitoring’ is due to be installed as part of Environment Agency’s plans to properly regulate these discharges by 2020. A list of sites where monitoring will be installed has been supplied to Fish Legal.

If you are a member who fishes waters downstream of a CSO and want to know whether it is on the list, please get in touch at

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