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Fish Legal members urged to be ‘planning-wise’ in 2018


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No-one can fail to be aware of the government’s targets for new homes but with more housing comes more pressure on the UK’s river systems.

The developers of large estates usually want to connect to the main sewage network. However, small scale developments - particularly involving ‘infill’ in villages - means that ‘package’ sewerage systems are sometimes their best option.

Fish Legal has encountered several situations in the past year where proposed discharges are unsuitable, including into a chalk stream in Goddington.

Planning advertisements, required by law, are frequently worded in such a way that it is not always clear that a discharge to a river is being proposed. Add in the fact that local planning authorities are only legally obliged to send consultation letters to those in the immediate vicinity and anglers downstream of a development may not become aware of new discharges that could reduce water quality until it is too late.

Planners should also be considering the consequences of supplying water to new homes and the added burden this places on rivers that are already suffering from the ecological damage of over-abstraction.

In seasonal spirit, Fish Legal suggests as a new year resolution that member clubs and riparian owners check for relevant planning applications in the local press and on Council websites on a regular basis. If you are worried about the impact of a housing development on your fishing, get in contact with Fish Legal for advice.

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