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News headlines Jan 18 - Jan 19

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21.06.18  Council admits error and revokes planning permission for hydro scheme on River Trent

Newark and Sherwood District Council has admitted that it got the law wrong in granting planning permission for a hydropower scheme on the Trent without following European Rules on assessing impact on the environment and has agreed to revoke its decision, following receipt of a “pre-action” Judicial Review letter from Fish legal, a conservation organisation acting for its members the Collingham Angling Association.

wrasse - credit Martin Salter

24.05.18  The Angling Trust and Fish Legal threaten government with legal action for failing to apply precautionary principle to protect wrasse

Fish Legal has threatened Defra and Natural England with legal action for failing to take a precautionary approach to the regulation of the lucrative wrasse fishery which has sprung up in the inshore waters of England to supply the Scottish salmon farming industry.

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24.05.18  Are you ready for GDPR? Advice sheet available for Fish Legal Member Clubs

Fish Legal has put together a detailed advice sheet for member clubs on the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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09.05.18  Fish Legal concerns over beavers in Scotland

Fish Legal has responded to a Scottish Government consultation on their proposed policy to reintroduce European beavers into Scotland questioning whether appropriate mitigation measures have been identified.

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09.05.18  Stockport and District Anglers Federation worst fears realised over River Goyt hydroelectric scheme

Fish Legal has discovered that a hydroscheme on the River Goyt that has been generating electricity unlawfully since April 2017 is unlikely to face enforcement action by the Environment Agency.

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